Electric socket

characteristics of the most common types of sockets

The outlets of our domestic electrical systems can be of different types:

10 amp plugs

10 Amp socket is not advisable to use 16A plugs on these sockets because it could create an overload at the system

16 amp plugs

16 Amp socket, bear in mind that if you replace a 10A socket with a 16A, the system will need to be adjusted to higher power consumption by using larger section cables (minimum section 2.5mm & sup2;)

double outlet

Double power jack, accepts both 10 and 16 Amps plugs

schuko socket

Schuko socket, for the German plugs on an increasing number of household appliances

Component replacement

Replacing a socket is a simple operation, but remember to disconnect the power to the system and make sure that the cables are properly connected while keeping the ground wire (yellow-green) in the center.


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