Tidying up the laundry drawer

clean the bottom and sides of the drawer with a damp cloth and then dry it

To organize the laundry drawer, it is advisable to separate the clothes.

Bedroom linens such as sheets and pillow cases should be ironed and stacked to take up less space and the same goes for towels.

Maybe we can add some cardboard or wooden boxes, placed in a corner, to store scarves and handkerchiefs.

cassetto biancheria

For underwear you can use:

  • The special sock holders and socks that must be positioned in pairs by rolling them up to be able to insert many more
  • For briefs and bras, arranging them will be even easier, just put them back one after the other in a row and sorted by color, before folding them we separate them by color and type. At this point we can start with the folding. We lay the briefs on the table and spread them well, then fold the sides of the slip up to the central part and do the same with the longest part of the briefs, obtaining a sort of rectangle. It is advisable, when folding, to leave the lace or other identifying elements in view so that it is even easier to identify it when we are looking for it.

By following these simple tips we can always have your underwear drawers in perfect order!


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