How to clean the chandeliers

chandeliers in glass crystal brass paper fabric

The cleaning of the chandelier with the use of natural remedies depends a lot not only on the shape but, above all, on the materials it is made of. Typically, the ceiling lights are made of glass, while the oldest chandeliers have a brass structure with crystal drops.

Let's start with safety: the first step is to turn off the electricity from the central panel.

clean the chandeliers

Some types of chandeliers, such as modern ceiling lights, can be easily detached from their seat. Chandeliers with arm, candle or teardrop, on the other hand, more rarely can be detached from the ceiling, so it will be necessary to arm yourself with a ladder.

This operation could involve risks: always make sure that the seal is stable and, if possible, involve a second person.

If necessary, once the bulb has been removed, the first step is the dust: with a soft cloth, preferably microfibre, we remove all the dust. For glass ceiling lights that can be removed from their seat, let's soak them in a tub or in the kitchen sink. After removing the most evident dirt directly under the flow of water at a medium / hot temperature, pour a couple of tablespoons of vinegar for every two liters of water. We leave it to soak for about ten minutes, then rinse with running water and dry everything with a microfibre cloth, so as not to create halos. To clean the crystal parts, such as the drops, you must proceed directly on the chandelier, as they can rarely be disassembled. The brass parts of the chandelier require some patience. First of all, it will be necessary to remove all the dust: then, to remove the opacity due to oxidation, we can use a microfiber cloth soaked in a mixture composed of:

  • 1 liter of warm water
  • A spoonful of lemon or vinegar


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