How to clean shoes

in leather, suede and gymnastics

We love to wear shoes but they are easy to get dirty, especially in winter, with rain, mud and stains of various kinds: all these unexpected events can be eliminated with simple steps and easy natural remedies.

For example, if the rain leaves streaks on suede shoes, we shouldn't throw them away, but:

  • We pass a sponge wet with a mixture of water and white vinegar all over the shoe.
  • Let it dry away from heat sources.
  • Put a brush inside a nylon stocking and rub gently or use some para for the suede.

clean shoes

Grease stains

For the grease stains we need to sprinkle them with talcum powder or starch, cover them with absorbent paper and place a weight on them. Leave it on for about 20 minutes then remove the starch with a sponge soaked in Marseille soap.

For a perfect sole, we pass a cloth with a pinch of neutral polish.


For running shoes or sneakers in general we have studied a really fun solution:

"Dry" method

Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with a tablespoon of baking soda and 2 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide. The mixture will immediately take the consistency of a foam and all we have to do is spread it gradually on the shoes. We leave it on for 10 minutes then brush with a plastic brush.

To perfume the interior but also to sanitize it, we prepare a blend with essential oils. We mix 100 ml of water with 10 drops of essential oil and pour everything into a spray container, spray the mixture then let it dry away from heat sources.

We can also wash the sneakers in the washing machine, wash at 30 ° without spinning but remember to remove the insoles and laces for a better result.

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