The household linen

kit for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom

It is necessary for the kitchen and bathroom to buy:

  • Two elegant tablecloths, perhaps hand-embroidered, with the related cloth napkins (square, rectangular or round tablecloths according to your table).
  • A fleece to protect the table itself.
  • American set for breakfast or informal lunches and dinners.
  • Linen and cotton tea towels.
  • Two aprons.
  • Oven mitt.
  • Pot holders (possibly crocheted).
  • Towels including: two large, medium and small cotton sheets and various sets for guests.
  • Two terry or microfiber bathrobes (practical and light).
  • bath mats.

As linen for the bedroom are provided:

  • Two changes of sheets consisting of sheets with practical and quick to put corners, for the underneath.
  • Two changes for the top (beautiful if embroidered or fitted with lace).
  • Two by four pillow cases.
  • Light and heavy wool blankets, cheaper, but very warm.
  • Quilt.
  • Duvet or rather the four seasons duvets composed of a light and a medium duvet to be joined to form the winter duvet.
  • Two or more duvet covers easy to wash and iron at home, usable on all types of duvets.
  • Today we can add fleece blankets that do not leave wool fluff around the house, keep so warm and are very easy to wash at home in the washing machine.


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