Clean the refrigerator and freezer

cleaned and sterilized at least once a year

Let's start by completely emptying the fridge and freezer before going shopping!

We pass the internal surfaces with water and vinegar (or sodium bicarbonate) or alternatively we can use detergents provided they are not abrasive, better if they do not generate foam, in order to facilitate rinsing.

For thorough cleaning we disassemble the shelves and accessories if possible so as to reach all the interstices.

To collect the water that drips during washing, place a towel on the bottom of the refrigerator.

Pay particular attention to the seals: wash them carefully.

For the freezer, let's defrost it using a plastic spatula, never use steel blades or utensils.

The detergent will be the same as in the refrigerator, the important thing is to dry the inside very well.

Vacation rentals

In holiday homes, which remain closed for some time, always remember to leave the refrigerator doors open, after having turned it off and cleaned, to avoid the formation of mold and bad smells.

How to organize the refrigerator? Just place the food correctly in the various compartments. This is why it is good to put milk and cream on the high shelves, fresh cheeses on the medium shelf and the vegetables should be cleaned, dried well and placed in the bottom drawer. Simple tricks, which will save money and keep the dishes longer!


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