Cleaning of the living area

hall and lounge

First of all we need to equip ourselves with some tools such as a vacuum cleaner, detergents, water, degreaser and cleaning cloths.

Let's start by opening all the windows, keeping them open for at least a few minutes if it's cold, otherwise leave them wide open for as long as necessary for tidying up.

So start cleaning from the dining room: we tidy up and put the carpets outside, or wash them, remembering to slam them well or to vacuum them.

cleaning living room

Now, with a dry cloth, or with the appropriate duster, let's start removing the dust. Let's remember to perform this step at the beginning, so that we can wash all the dust that will settle on the ground.

If we have modern furniture, the advice is to polish them with special detergents (always remembering to put on gloves), while if we have antique furniture we will need to use specific products to clean and treat the wood.

Now let's put the dining table chairs in another room, so start vacuuming. Then prepare the bucket with detergent or vinegar, if you prefer to use natural solutions, and with hot water, preferably boiling: in this way the floor will dry earlier and be cleaner. Obviously, if you notice that the water gets dirty, change it halfway through.


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