Bedroom cleaning

cleaning and tidying up the bedrooms in your home is essential for both hygienic reasons

This job is simple and gives you a good habit that lasts over the years. It is necessary to have:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A bucket full of water and detergent
  • A wet cloth
  • A multipurpose spray
  • A rag

Lack of cleanliness, especially in bedrooms, causes seasonal ailments and allergies and dirt favors the proliferation of bacteria and insects that can cause dermatological and bacterial diseases.

In addition to being harmful to the lungs, dust can also cause colds and allergic attacks. Before starting to clean, as soon as you wake up, you must open the windows of the room and let it air for at least 10 minutes. This allows the air to change and bad smells come out.

We need to start dusting the bedside tables and wardrobes to get the dust on the floor. It is advisable to use an antistatic so the dust stays away longer.

Then, you have to dust off the knick-knacks.

The bed

At this point you have to make the bed and check if the mattress cover is positioned correctly in the corners. Sheets and pillow covers need to be washed frequently. It is recommended once every 15 days in winter and once a week in summer. blankets, on the other hand, should be washed once a month.

Then you have to take the vacuum cleaner and pass it on floors and carpets that are folded and placed on the windowsill to completely eliminate dust. Then you fill a bucket with water and sanitizing detergent, wet the rag and rub it on the floor to make it bright and shiny ... you reopen the window and keep it open until the floor is completely dry.

At least once a month, wardrobes and furniture should be emptied to remove the dust inside with a wet cloth.


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