How to organize the closet

a well-organized closet is the first step to keeping a room tidy and your life too

We remove all the clothes from the closet by pulling them out of the drawers, containers and eliminate the hangers. Let's fold them and arrange them in neat piles. At this point:

organizzare armadio
  • Let's decide which clothes you want to keep.
  • Let's create a pile of clothes to keep close at hand, the ones that are regularly worn
  • We keep the items we will not wear because they are not suitable for the current season. If it's midsummer, we keep our winter sweaters and scarves, instead, if it's winter we put away our tops and summer dresses.
  • We can also put aside items that have a certain emotional value, like a sweater that your grandmother knitted for you and no longer fits. In any case, minimize the number of these garments. After all, clothes are made to be worn! When we are done selecting these clothes, let's put them in a plastic container to store under the bed, in the garage or in the attic. we establish which items can be donated and which ones are to be thrown away. This is the most difficult step, but also the most important! If you want to have a well-organized wardrobe, the aim is to get rid of as many clothes as possible. This does not mean that we will have to throw out the old fashioned clothes but that we will have to do an examination of conscience to understand which garments we will still wear and which not.
  • If we haven't worn a garment for more than a year and it has no sentimental value, it's time to get rid of it
  • If a garment is extremely worn, moth-eaten and faded no one will be able to wear it anymore so let's throw it away
  • if some clothes are too tight, let's stop waiting for the day they will still fit us and give them away! (of course they must be dressed in good condition).


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