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Historically, the family was the first form of a dispensing company. It aims to satisfy the material and moral needs of its members. In the past it directly produced most of the goods necessary to meet the needs of its members (it cultivated the land and raised livestock to produce food, prepared clothing, etc.).

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Today, its members almost always work with other companies to get money with which to buy what they need.

On the one hand, households represent the final demand (buyers and consumers) of businesses on the consumer goods and services market. On the other hand, households also present themselves on the supply side in the labor market (job offer) and savings (investment of their own liquidity in the financial market).

Often families are forced to deal with halved wages, with lost jobs, with inflation, with the difficulty of economic recovery, with the stagnant labor market, and, sadly, with their wallets which is now deflated if not empty. We learn to manage the family as if it were a company .

Electricity and gas are, in the family budget, the first utilities, the fundamental ones that affect expenses in a substantial way. First of all it is good to be more prudent in consumption because all or almost all of us are not very attentive to waste. In addition to being burdensome, this attitude is not eco-sustainable, and causes multiple damage both to the family budget , and to the economy and management of the entire country.

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For a correct family budget , it is a good idea to use energy-saving light bulbs, consume at the recommended times of the day, defrost the freezers more often, especially if you do not have low energy consumption appliances . Use efficient boilers and think, for example, that involve low emissions into the atmosphere and net savings compared to the use of old and traditional fuels.

A good family budget can be supported by the right information from those who know more, therefore new managers, rates or inappropriate investment proposals can be easily avoided, with good savings of time and money !


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