How to remove limescale

specific products and home remedies

There are effective solutions to remove limescale at home, in a natural and sustainable way using commonly used products.


Let's start with vinegar which is one of the most suitable and effective products for removing limescale. It is extremely economical and versatile and can be used on a sponge, diluted with water, to clean the surfaces of appliances.

limestone tap

In case of particularly stubborn encrustations, we can leave the parts to be cleaned to soak in a solution of water and vinegar, overnight. We clean and then polish. For the taps, on the other hand, we can dip a cloth in a solution of water and vinegar and proceed to clean the different parts: showers, taps, sink. For the toilet, we prepare a solution of diluted vinegar, put it in a bottle, spray on the part to be treated and leave to act.

Limestone washing machine

For the washing machine, just put diluted vinegar in a ball inside the drum. Let's start the "empty" washing program. In this way you can disinfect and descale the internal parts of our appliance.


Another very versatile product is bicarbonate produced with notable uses, one of which is just as anti-limescale. It can be used diluted in water or with a few drops of vinegar or lemon.


Cucumber, too, is not only good to eat but is also useful for removing limescale from the stove. Just cut a slice and rub it on the surface, leaving it to act for a few minutes.

Dry with a clean cloth and the job is done!


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