Handbook of Domestic Economics

manage the house with serenity

Today too many things are taken for granted and one of them is Domestic Economics : in reality it is not clear how such an important subject was removed from school curricula.

home economics manual

The school was the place where they learned the basics for "adult" life.

Secondly, this guide for organization and Household Economy teaches proper management of the resources of the home. Very useful for budgeting for one expense rather than another, and the more the family is numerous, the more issues to deal with!

The multiplication of water, electricity, gas, telephone and internet connections makes correct management essential to make ends meet.

In short, an updated Handbook of Domestic Economics not only useful but necessary.

Oriented to savings but also to respect for the environment. There is much discussion about the use of natural or zero-kilometer products, for one's own benefit but also for the territory in which one lives. Our ancestors would be surprised to find a few boys and they would certainly have something to complain about since no one cares about having the starched kit or the "good" service .

Once upon a time ... there was care for the home.

However, they would be proud to see those hundred-year-old remedies that help survive winter colds rediscovered or dust off their sewing machines.

Not everything has been deleted, some knowledge is recovered while others judged out of date are replaced by a new, more modern approach naturally due to new and different needs: extreme care and attention to the label are nowadays postponed to savings and sustainability .


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