Trivet Sticks

from anodized and knurled drawn aluminum

We carry out a project for the designer's trivet Luca Perlini .

An idea of ​​domestic bricolage. A simple but very effective project.

Let's start with simple extruded aluminum tubes. In this case we used anodized aluminum in light blue, purple and black which was then knurled, ie knurled to create a very interesting decorative aesthetic effect.

trafilato alluminio anodizzato godronato alluminio per sottopentola fai da te
idea for trivet

If you do not find this material, you can use an aluminum tube with an internal diameter of 5mm.

They are commonly available in anodized gray color.

The cut

We will cut the bars to size, our sticks must be about 22cm long. To do this, mark the piece to size and then put it in the vice. Protect the bar with paper or a sponge to prevent it from being scratched by the jaws of the vice.

cut drawn aluminum

Cut the first piece and insert the second piece under the first. In this way you will use the first bar as a reference and you will get the second one of the same size as the first. This is a simple, precise and fast way to get pieces of the same length without having to mark them.

For the third, so in the same way, proceed with the cut.


Mark the location of the hole on the stick. Put it in the vice and fix the clamp on the floor of the drill press. In this way you have centered the piece. This will allow you to replace the drill sticks without having to mark all the holes. Just place them in a vice and you'll get precise holes always in the same position.

foratura tubolare alluminio centraggio foratura

The hole goes about 5cm from the top of the wand. To drill use progressive bits to get a more precise hole. The first hole with a 2mm iron bit then 3mm, finally only for the screw housings a 5.5mm hole.


Once you have pierced the sticks, burr them, that is, remove all the residual shavings from drilling and cutting with an iron file. Be delicate, aluminum is a soft material.

assembly trivet


For fastening used stainless steel 3mm Allen screws, this will prevent rust, seen in the kitchen.

Insert the fixing nut inside the rod and position it with the help of the screwdriver in position. The rods must be screwed alternately.

An object that rests on three points will remain stable on any surface.

sottopentola alluminio stick design Luca Perlini sottopentola alluminio stick design Luca Perlini
sottopentola sticks design Luca Perlini

The council

Use a strong browband by applying it to the screws before tightening them. This anaerobic adhesive will set and will not allow them to unscrew later.

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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