Agitatsiya propaganda - revolutionary Russia 1917

The term Agitprop derives from the term Agitatsiya propaganda (propaganda agitation) created by Vladimir I. Lenin to describe the communist party's strategy towards the final victory where by agitation was meant the onset of the masses and by propaganda (a word that at that time had no negative connotations) meant the discussion that had to move the intelligentsia.

agitprop agitation propaganda

The party after 1917 founded a special office with which several designers and artists also collaborated, including the painter Kasimir Malevich .


Buildings and monuments to the Futurist agitprop were also designed that had the function of recalling the masses such as the monument to the third international communist (1919 - 1920) by Vladimir Tatlin .

tatlin third international monument

model of the monument to the third communist international.

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Design History


Staatliches Bauhaus

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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