Irrigation programmer

install and program an automatic control unit and how it works and how to program the opening of the solenoid valves

automatic irrigation controller

First of all let's understand what the automatic irrigation control unit is and how it works.

This is nothing more than a clock that sends a command to the solenoid valve to open or close the irrigation line.

The solenoid valve is a kind of electric tap that is activated automatically when it receives the command. A solenoid valve will be placed on each line of the system so that it can be operated separately.

In the simpler models, the principle is still the same for the tap.

To install the computer it will be necessary to mount the solenoid valves connected to the main water system. and then connect them to the control unit. The control unit can be mains powered or battery operated.

solenoid valve for automatic irrigation

Solenoid valves

There are solenoid valves of different sizes on the market depending on the system. The principle of operation is always the same.

These are electrical appliances that must be correctly installed and possibly protected from the intense winter cold.

The more lines your system will have, the more solenoid valves you will have to manage through the control unit and you will have to operate them intelligently, in proportion to the pressure and flow rate of the available water.


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