Cooking with flowers

edible flowers good and they do well

Some flowers are edible and are used in the kitchen to prepare special dishes. Not only that but they also have beneficial properties on the body. Let's see some examples:


The dandelion is a plant that is commonly found in fields and known locally as by other names (pisacan, sunflower, piscaletto).

The flowers used for risotto are edible (with a recipe similar to that of risotto with radicchio).

The tender leaves in spring are used for purifying salads. Roasted roots are used to make coffee substitutes. Dandelion promotes the functionality of the liver and gallbladder.


The nastruzio flower is used in salads or added to spaghetti with garlic and oil.

The plant is used to treat bacterial infections of the bladder and respiratory tract.


The flowers of calendula as well as being used in cosmetics to make creams with emollient properties are edible.

They can be used in omelettes, risottos or salads or in summer together with ice cream.

flowers chives

In addition to the leaves used in cooking for the delicate onion flavor, the chives flowers can also be cooked in omelettes or potato or carrot flan.


borage leaves are used to make soups or fillings.

Flowers are traditionally eaten fried in batter.

The delicate blue petals can be used to decorate dishes and color the vinegar. Frozen in ice cubes they serve as decorations for summer cocktails.


The lavender flowers in addition to having an unmistakable aroma and a mild antimicrobial effect are an excellent ingredient for biscuits and ice cream

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