Build an underground irrigation system

retractable sprayers for maximum aesthetic effect

garden irrigation project

Get off to a good start for great results.

If we are in the process of setting up the garden, we will charge the costs for the construction of the irrigation system.

In addition to taking away a thought thanks to automation, we will also get a better aesthetic effect.

After checking the flow rate and pressure of the water and designed the system with a sufficient number of sprayers we will be able to start calculating the necessary material and carry out the excavation operations.

Two important clarifications on the project, remember that there are different types of sprayers with different rotation radii for each need, it is necessary in the project not to leave dead areas, not watered.

Always use good quality materials, it is useless to save a few euros and then have to intervene with expensive repairs.

Divide the garden into areas (if very large) so that they can be wet at different times.

underground sprinklers irrigation system
catenary excavation irrigation system

The excavation for the passage of the pipes

The excavation for the passage of the pipes must be carried out at a depth of at least 30 cm to prevent the winter frost from damaging the pipes.

To carry out the excavation you will have to arm yourself with a lot of patience and be ready to sacrifice, the work is in fact very tiring if done manually.

Alternatively, you can dig the "trench" with special machinery, which will house the pipes as long as you can spend an important amount on the rental of these machines.

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