Where to grow bulbs

the ideal conditions for growing bulbs

tulip bulbs border flowerbed lawn

Bulbs and rhizomes are commonly used to create flower beds and flower borders.

In fact, they can be planted in well-drained soils (where water does not stagnate) and protected from the wind.

It is advisable to sift and rake the ground to remove the largest stones.

However, bulbs can also be made to flower in pots.

We will use perforated (draining) pots filled with soil or with sand kept wet.

The bulbs can be made to flower even out of season thanks to a technique called forcing.

This way we can enjoy beautiful flowers even in winter.

We can also grow the bulbs in water thanks to special vases that keep them suspended on the surface of the water. In the first step of this technique you will need to keep the bulbs in the dark until they have sprouted.

hyacinth flower bulbs

Where to buy the bulbs?

In each well-stocked nursery you will find a whole range of different bulb species that will produce beautiful and colorful flowers.

You will also find pots for growing in soil or water.

Choose the flower you like best for shapes and colors.

Growing bulbs is quite simple, just follow a few simple rules and is therefore suitable for beginners.


Plant the bulbs


Forcing flowering bulbs


Divide the rhizomes


How to store the bulbs

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