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garden irrigation system

Before starting the work we have to decide whether to build a surface or underground system.

If you have a small garden up to 200sqm, it is advisable to use a surface system consisting of a hose collector, a sprayer and pinwheels.

In the case of a larger or very articulated garden, an underground system with a programming control unit will be convenient.

garden pop-up sprinkler irrigation system

Thanks to this type of system you can:

  • Automatic and controlled watering of the different areas of the garden

  • Fertilize through the special tablets to be inserted inside the plant.

  • Creating a better aesthetic effect in fact you will never have pipes visible in the garden.

excavation system irrigation garden

However, careful planning will be required, as you will have to evaluate several aspects:

  • The pressure and flow rate of the water

  • The number and arrangement of sprinklers to be installed

  • The material to buy to build the plant


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