Garden machinery maintenance

keep the lawnmower, brushcutter and petrol engine tiller efficient

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To ensure efficient operation of the engine of your petrol engine garden machinery, it will be necessary to carry out a series of occasional checks:

  • Cleaning the air filter

  • Engine oil change

  • Replacing or cleaning the spark plug

  • Cleaning the engine cooling fins if necessary

Air filter

at least every 50 hours of machine work

It is important to keep the air filter clean of dust and debris, this is what allows the engine to "breathe".

If clogged with dirt, the engine will tend to flood, consume more fuel and deliver less power.

To clean the filter it is necessary to remove it from its seat by opening the lid and blowing it with compressed air from the inside outwards.

Then wash it by immersing it in a 2% mixture then squeeze it and then lightly grease it with engine oil.

Changing the engine oil

at least every 100 hours of machine work

Locate your machine's oil pan and drain plug.

Unscrew the cap using a wrench or pliers if necessary.

Let it drain completely, do this with a warm engine if possible.

Screw the drain plug back on and pour in the new oil from the special plug on the top.

Cleaning the spark plug

at least every 30 hours of machine work

To remove the spark plug, use the special spark plug socket wrench.

Every 30 hours unscrew the spark plug and check the distance between the electrodes (5/6 tenths of a millimeter) by adjusting it with a thickness gauge (an instrument consisting of a series of laminations of known thickness).

Clean it with a brass brush and blow it with compressed air, but if the spark plug is too encrusted or worn replace it (at least every 100 hours of machine work).


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