Fertilize the lawn

slow release fertilizer and fertilizer spreader


Over time, the turf will need to be fertilized to ensure its health and uniformity.

The best way to do this is to use a suitable slow release fertilizer.

Slow release means that the specially developed fertilizer slowly rocks over time under the effect of irrigation and rain water.

This will allow the plants to receive the right amount of fertilizer for a long time.

To spread the fertilizer evenly, the most practical method is to use a specially designed tool called a fertilizer spreader.

It has the shape of a trolley which, when dragged, evenly distributes the slow-release granular fertilizer.

manual lawn fertilizer

Fertilizer spreader

Thanks to the drag that turns the wheels of the tool, a mechanism is activated that makes a constant quantity of granular fertilizer come out of the main container and throws it on the ground.

A uniform fertilization allows uniform growth of the turf and a homogeneous color.


Aerate the lawn


Mow the lawn


Sowing and tending the lawn

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