Paths and borders in the vegetable garden

size correctly for more comfortable work

ortho paths borders

To work in the garden we will need to create passageways that will divide the surface of the land.

These paths should not be too wide so as not to waste surface but not too narrow either.

They must allow you to pass easily with a wheelbarrow or a tiller.

The size of the paths can be around 60/90 cm.

ortho borders flower beds

The division into cultivated beds will have to keep in mind not to create too deep portions.

In other words, you need to be able to reach the center of the flower bed with your arms in order to work the soil easily.

To make the borders we can use wooden boards on the coast that are sunk into the earth.

To avoid arguing with weeds, we can cover the paths thus obtained with paciamatura (bark flakes) that is commonly sold in any nursery.


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