Micro sprinklers for gardens and terraces

save water soak only where necessary

dripper for microirrigation pot

If you want to save water in the garden and in the garden, the only system that allows you to save waste is to use a micro-irrigation system.

This system consists of main pipes (adductor pipes) from which the secondary lines with drippers or microsprinkers branch off.

This system wets the soil of the plants drop by drop without waste because it is targeted.

Now let's see how to proceed with the installation:

  • We pass the main pipes that carry the water and connect them to the control unit for automatic irrigation or to the water tap.

  • Through the appropriate die we puncture the main tube where necessary to connect the pot drippers or the micro-sprayers.

rainwater collection

The use of water for irrigation

The same water as the plumbing is often used to wet the garden or plants.

This water is normally drinkable and it is therefore a great waste to use it to water the garden.

Where possible, create a container to collect rainwater and use it to water the plants. In addition to being at room temperature, it is more suitable because it does not contain chlorine.

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