Mow the lawn

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When you mow your lawn you will need to follow a few simple rules. First of all, use a lawnmower suitable for the job to be done.

wet meadow

Rain on the lawn

Don't cut the grass after it has rained a lot, the soft ground could sink as you pass.

On the other hand, if the lawn is very dry, cutting with the machine could raise a lot of dust.

cut grass

Mowing to be harvested

Remember to empty the grass catcher when it is full and in any case never leave the grass clippings on the lawn as it could damage it.

meadow young grass

The first lawn cut

Remember instead that if it is a first cut after a new sowing you will have to cut first at a higher height (8cm). For the following cuts you can normally cut at 5/6 cm.

grass blade

Branches and leaves

Remember to remove branches and leaves with a rake or broom before cutting to avoid damaging the edge of the mower blades.

Lawnmower engine

Push or self-propelled lawnmower

Lawnmowers are not all the same, a good quality and powerful machine ensures better results with less effort.

Furthermore, some models of lawnmowers do not need to be pushed by hand but just operate a special knob for the traction to become automatic.

Even if you subtract some energy from the cut, the operations are much more practical.

Air cushion mower video


Aerate the lawn


Sowing and tending the lawn


Fertilize the lawn

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