Forcing flowering bulbs

the technique to force the plant to bloom out of season


If we wanted to make a bulb bloom out of season we would have to adopt this simple technique.

First we place the bulb in a pot with drainage holes.

At this point let's put it in a bigger container filled with peat and on top of this we put a sheet of black plastic so that it does not penetrate the light.

After 8-10 weeks the bulbs will have sprouted, at this point let's put them in the greenhouse always placing them in the shade.

The plant will thus develop the flower, once they are close to flowering, place them in the sun and keep them watered without letting the water stagnate in the pot.

bulb vase water

The bulb in the water ...

Another technique is to grow the bulbs in water.

To do this, take a suitable container, wet the bulb and fill the container until the water level touches the base of the bulb.

Put everything in the dark.

Once the bud has appeared, bring it to light and the flower will develop.


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