Divide the rhizomes

create the new plants

secondary bulbils

To create new flowering plants from a bulb , once the plant has been removed from the ground, manually detach the bulbils from the central bulb.

Once this is done, put the cloves to rest and then put them back. From these adult plants similar to the mother plant will develop.

For rhizomes the operation is similar, in this case, however, you will have to cut, with a clean cut, the rhizome into two parts that have enough shoots and roots on each one to allow the plant to develop .


Differences between rhizome and bulb ...

A rhizome is:

"The rhizome (from rizo- , root, with the suffix -oma , bulge) is a modification of drum with main reserve function. It is swollen, underground with a generally horizontal course. "

A bulb is:

"Characteristic among monocotyledonous plants, Alliaceae Amaryllidaceae, Iridaceae), the bulb is a vegetative propagation organ (agamic, non-sexual) which also performs a resistance function allowing the overcoming of climatic conditions - unfavorable environments (cold, drought, etc.) "


Plant the bulbs


Forcing flowering bulbs


How to store the bulbs


Where to grow bulbs

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