How to store the bulbs

remove them from the earth and keep them until the new plant

flower bulbs

After the leaves and flowers of the plant have fallen, we can think of collecting the bulbs to be able to replant them the following season.

First we must wet the earth to facilitate the excavation operations and thus avoid damaging them.

Then we will clean them and let them dry, only at this point we can proceed to the steps for conservation.

First of all we will have to sprinkle them with fungicides and pesticides to prevent them from being eaten by insects or attacked by molds (ask for these products from your trusted nurseryman).

At this point we can put them in boxes filled with sawdust or put them in suspended nylon stockings

How deep in the ground

Keep in mind both during planting and harvesting of the bulbs at what depth they are buried by the earth.

bulbs soil depth


Forcing flowering bulbs


Divide the rhizomes


Where to grow bulbs


Plant the bulbs

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