The Edge Trimmer

electric cut grasses where the mower does not reach

The electric lawn trimmer is nothing more than a lighter and more manageable brush cutter, useful in gardens for cutting herbs that would not be reachable with a normal lawn trimmer.

The rotating head is made up of a spool of nylon thread that is unrolled as it wears out to allow cutting.

Today, trimmers can be equipped with a petrol or electric engine. In the case of the electric models, in addition to the traditional ones powered by wire, battery powered ones are available.

electric trimmer

Among the features to keep in mind when purchasing an edge trimmer do not underestimate:

  • Ergonomic posture , work comfortably.
  • Cutting head angle adjustment , flexibility of use, horizontally and vertically.
  • Battery life , if electric, keep an eye on the charging times and if the trimmer is supplied with one or two batteries.
  • Plant protection accessory , in order not to damage the flowers, it does not allow the cutting line to get too close.

Edge trimmer


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