Sowing and tending the lawn

a more luxuriant and uniform grass

sow meadow

To have a lawn that is always in green and luxuriant order, simply follow this handbook:

  1. Prepare the soil properly
  2. Break the clods
  3. Remove the stones with the rake
  4. Spread sowing between March and September
  5. Rake to cover the seeds
  6. Pass the roller to compact the surface
  7. Water the soil to keep it moist
  8. Make the first high cut and the second after 15 days 4-5 cm
  9. Air the soil in spring
  10. When the lawn shows signs of distress, fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer and re-sow if necessary
do not tread on the lawn

Can be walked on or not?

A healthy lawn can be walked on even in a vigorous way.

However, avoid stepping on it after a frost as this will ruin the plants.

Avoid walking on the lawn even after heavy rain, the sinking ground could mark the turf.


Aerate the lawn


Mow the lawn


Fertilize the lawn

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