Wood pickling treatment

bring the wood to light

chair in pickled wood

To assess the state of the wood or to repaint the wooden structure, it is first necessary to pass through a phase of pickling.

Pickling the structure means eliminating the existing paint, this can be done in three ways:

  1. Manual pickling , the paint is removed with sandpaper

  2. Mechanical pickling , paint is removed by a sander

  3. Chemical pickling , a chemical product is applied that raises the layer of paint that will later be removed more easily with spatulas and sandpaper.

Pay attention to mechanical pickling that can be too aggressive, if you linger too long the sander can ruin the wood carvings and smooth the details too much. Care should be taken and the operation carried out in a delicate manner.

Even chemical pickling is to be carried out with caution, first of all for the substances used which must be used possibly only outdoors. Furthermore, great attention must be paid to the application times to obtain the best possible result.

Anti-worm treatment

anti tarlo treatment

The anti-worm treatment consists is necessary to provide an anti-worm treatment that allows to preserve the wood over time.

If you want to preserve the aged appearance and the holes of the wormholes it will be necessary to apply the product hole by hole with a syringe.


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