Chair structure control

check the solidity of the joints and the state of cleats and caulkers

remove wallpaper upholstery

Before resetting our upholstery again, we should check the state of the structure.

In particular, we must assess the solidity of the joints and, in the case, provide a repair by gluing.

We must also verify that the upholstery support structures: gallocce and cianfrini enjoy a good state of health.

The surfaces must be continuous and smooth, in the case of large holes it will be necessary to fill them with glue and toothpicks that will be cut flush with the existing surface once the glue has dried.


The cleats must be firmly glued and nailed to the chair with at least a couple of nails per piece.

double cleats

Double cleats

triple cleats

Triple cleats

In the case of replacement, be careful to keep the front cleats at least 1/2 cm higher than the rear ones to ensure the correct inclination of the chair.


The caulkers must have been made with the correct angle to allow for a long-lasting nailing.


If you do not have a 45° angle you will need to make it happen by using a wood rasp following the scheme shown, and creating a 9 mm wide surface in which to nail the seed.


The tools of upholsterer


Consumables for padding


Coating coloration


The tools of the upholsterer for padding


Structure preparation


The materials to make the padding

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