Structure preparation

disassembly of the chair what to do to bare the structure

chair structure

The first thing to do is to completely remove the existing padding.

Proceed by first removing the decorative strips and nails. Then remove the seed nails always using the appropriate tool.

Try to place the tool on a piece of wood or cloth so as not to leave marks on the wood of the chair. When you hit, always do it where possible in the direction of the grain of the wood so as not to break the structure.

Take a good look at how the initial stuffing was made to see the different techniques used and their evolution.

Never recover old materials, which may only appear to be in good condition. The springs, the crime and the canvases are often worn and cannot guarantee a quality makeover.


Eyes on xylophagi

Check the condition of the wood, you can often nest insects that feed on wood and that in the long run can affect the structure.

Treat the wood with the appropriate products and make sure they have taken effect.


Estimate the materials needed


Chair structure control


The tools of upholsterer


The tools of the upholsterer for padding


The parts of the armchair


Consumables for padding

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