the strap of the upholstery like nailing the straps correctly

padded belt

The strap is made with 8.5 cm wide hemp straps and fixed with nails called "seed".

Through a magnetic hammer that allows the nails to be magnetized and therefore have the free hand to keep the belt in tension with the special belt-tightening tool, the belt is nailed.

The staple-firing pistol can also be used, although it may have less guarantees over time.

Rule 5 - 4 - 3

belt nailing

Place the first end of the strap on the edge creating a fold at about 4 cm.

Fix it with 5 nails in the center of the wooden structure.

Be careful, the folded part of the belt must be placed on top.

belt tensioner

From the other side of the structure, point the belt with a nail.

Now using the belt tensioner, pull the belt and fasten the belt with 4 nails to the center of the wood.

chair belt

Now cut the strap about 4 cm from the nail.

Bend back the strap by flattening it with the hammer.

Now nail it with 3 more seeds, placing them between the four in the lower layer.

Nailing errors

Follow the outline to avoid the most common nailing errors.

seeding nailing


Stuffing with horsehair


Strong canvas




Padding springs


Spring stringing

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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