The tools of the Barman

support tools


STRAWS : Used to encourage the consumption of the drink, if colored or particular they play a very decorative role.


CAVATAPPI : Used for the opening of bottles, it is better to equip yourself with both those from Sommeliers and with the most common Capsule Levers for crown caps, the former favor a better result with cork while the latter are more practical and faster.

vegetable peeler knife

KNIFE : Used in the treatment of fruit, cleaning, cutting and decorations made with it.

stirrer spoon

SPOONS : Used to stir (Stirrer), to take ice (Ice spoon) and in some cases to measure the quantity of ingredients.

blender blender

BLENDER ( Blender ): For blending fruit and mixing thick ingredients. Used for the preparation of Frozen.

lime squeezer

LIME SQUEEZER : Tool used to squeeze files cut in half.

stainer colander

STRAINER : It is used to filter the liquid part from ice and solid components before serving the cocktail in the glass.

ice tong

TONGS : They are used to take the ice.

siphon seltz

SIPHON SELTZ : Tool used to obtain water charged with carbon dioxide (Soda Water)

ice crusher

ICE CRUSHER : Electric or manual machine for grinding and crushing ice.


SHAKER : it is used to mix dense compounds, where there are ingredients that are difficult to combine together simply by mixing. There are two variants of the shaker: the "American" one, simply called Boston and made up of two pieces, a glass glass and one in steel and the "continental" one, made up of 3 pieces: cap, filter and steel glass.

mixing glass

MIXING-GLASS : instead it is made up of a single component, made of glass and is used for more liquid and easily amalgamated mixtures. Combined with the STRAINER and the STIRER it helps to obtain very homogeneous mixtures, chilled and filtered by ice.


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