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The barman or bartender is the one who transforms simple ingredients and spirits, thanks to his skills, into the most varied types of cocktails, changing the flavors and aromas according to the customer and the situations.

Even if in the collective imagination he is just the person behind a counter, in reality he is a professional in the mixture of spirits.

An expert connoisseur of the recipes of our beloved cocktails and to be complete, an excellent interlocutor who likes to exchange a few words with their customers, telling curiosity and history of the drink we are drinking.

So a bit of a psychologist and a bit of an alchemist, the bartenders have been with us for several years now and to recognize themselves various trade associations have been created such as the IBA (International Bartenders Association) and the Italian AIBES (Italian Association of Barman and Supporters ).

The history of cocktails follows that of associations because thanks to these it has been possible to classify and regulate the main cocktails. So in 1961 the International Cocktail Committee codified the recipes and doses of 50 regulatory cocktails.

Over the years the list has grown to 66 divided into 5 categories by the IBA: Pre-dinner, After-dinner, Long-drink, Popular Cocktail, Special cocktails


The origins of the term cocktail


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History of the cocktail


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