Cocktail glasses

specific for each drink

balloon glass glass

BALLOON : Balloon-shaped glass, rounded at the base and closed at the top. The shape accentuates the olfactory perception while the wide base favors the heat exchange with the palm of the hand. Recommended for best savoring Cognac and Brandy.

duble martini glass

DUBLE MARTINI GLASS ( Martini glass ): Taller and wider than the Martini glass, it has now taken its place in the presentations of Martini cocktail. Maximum capacity 200ml.

glute glass glass

FLUTE : Thin and elongated in shape, it is mainly used in the tasting of sparkling wines and Champagne. Since the thirties it has replaced the classic cup for reasons not only purely aesthetic but also to allow a better perlage (the rising of the bubbles from the bottom of the glass to the surface).

goblet glass glass

GOBLET : Large glass suitable for Crusta cocktails (glass rimmed with lemon and sugar) and frozen. Capacity around 350-450 ml.

highball glass glass

HIGHBALL : Cylindrical glass with a capacity between 240 and 350 ml and used for mixed cocktails. It is part of the Tumbler family and fits between Old fashioned and Collins glass for height.

old fashioned glass glass

OLD FASHIONED : Low, rounded and pot-bellied is also called Lowball and Rocks Glass because it is excellent for serving liqueurs on the rocks (liqueur & ice) and in particular Whiskeys. Capacity between 220ml and 340ml.

old fashioned glass glass

SHOT : Very small glass used to drink spirits "in one shot" (chupito glass). Capacity from 20ml to 60ml or more; for the double version.

margarita glass

MARGARITA GLASS ( Sombrero ): Classic glass for margarita and frozen cocktail. Capacity from 200ml to 350ml

old fashioned glass glass

TUMBLER : Cylindrical, tall and narrow, it can have different heights and a capacity of about 350ml. Used for cocktails where there is use of ice and fruit. Cocktails like Mojito, Bloody Mary and John Collins provide it.


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